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Full Fowler Electric Bed

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A full fowler electric bed is a type of medical bed that is equipped with electric control that will adjust the bed’s position. Specifically, a full fowler electric bed has the capability to adjust the foot, head and overall bed’s height. This will provide your healthcare providers with the flexibility to meet the unique needs of patients in numerous medical settings, such as long-term care facilities, hospitals or home care settings.


Features of Full Fowler Electric Bed

• Head Position Adjustment:- The head section of the bed can be lowered or raised independently, allowing the patients to recline or sit upright comfortably. This is particularly important for individuals who may need to be in a semi-upright position to do things like reading, eating or watching TV.

• Foot Position Adjustment:- The foot section can be adjusted according to your comfort level. This feature is helpful for the individuals who may need their legs elevated due to medical issues, such as managing issues like edema or improving circulation.

• Overall Height Adjustment:- The height of the entire bed can be adjusted using the electric controls. Adjusting the height is important to facilitate transferring of the patients, providing access to the caregivers, and accommodating certain medical procedures.

• Electric Control:- Full fowler electric beds are equipped with electric motors and controls that will allow for precise and smooth adjustments. These controls are basically operated using a control panel on the bed or handheld remote.

• Variable Positions:- The ability to adjust the foot and head section independently, along with the overall height enables different options, including the “Full Fowler” position. In this position, the knees and head are elevated to an angle of approx 90 degrees, providing optimal patient’s comfort.

• Safety Features:- Modern full fowler electric beds may often come with specific safety features like locking mechanisms to secure the bed in its position, side rails for the safety of the patients, and emergency controls for quick adjustments in case of emergencies.

• Pressure Blisters Prevention:- The ability to change the position will help to prevent pressure blisters by redistributing the pressure on different body parts. Regular adjustments can alleviate pressure on vulnerable areas, reducing the risks of skin breakdown.

• Patient Comfort and Independence:- Full fowler electric beds may contribute to a patient’s comfort and independence. The ability to control the bed’s position will empower the patients to find the most supportive or comfortable arrangements for their specific needs.

Who Can Use A Full Fowler Electric Bed?

Considerations For The Limitations

A Full Fowler Electric Bed is a versatile medical bed that will provide various adjustable positions, including lowering or raising the foot and head sections, as well as adjusting the overall bed’s height. While these beds may offer numerous benefits for caregivers and patients, their use may be suitable for certain individuals and not others.
Here are some general conditions for who can use these beds:-

• Hospitalized Patients:- Full fowler Electric Beds are mostly used in hospitals for people who may need to be in numerous positions for medical treatments, general comfort, or postoperative recovery.

• Post- Surgery Patients:- People who are recovering from surgeries, especially for those who were involved in the chest, abdominal or lower extremities, can benefit from a full fowler electric bed. The adjustable positions may help in managing pain and facilitating their recovery.

• Patients Suffering From Respiratory Issues:- Individuals having pneumonia or pulmonary diseases may find relief with full fowler electric beds. Elevating the head can assist with breathing and can reduce respiratory distress.

• Patients With Circulatory Problems:- People who are more prone to deep vein thrombosis or edema, may benefit themselves with full fowler electric beds. Adjusting the positions of the legs can promote blood circulation which will reduce the swelling.

• Patients With Limited Mobility:- Full fowler electric beds are beneficial for bedridden patients. Adjusting the height makes it easier for people to assist with the patients transfer and daily care activities.

• Long- Term Care Residents:- Full fowler electric beds will allow patients in long-term care facilities, or nursing homes to enhance their comfort and accommodate specific healthcare needs.

• Home Care Patients:- Some Individuals with chronic illnesses or those who are recovering from medical procedures may also use Full Fowler electric beds at home under the guidance of healthcare providers. These beds may provide convenience and support for both the nurses or the patients.

Terms And Conditions For Renting Medical Equipments :-

1. Rental amount: as shown in the product page.
2. Delivery and pickup charge: extra amount charged once while delivering the equipment.Will be informed to the client prior delivery.
3. Security deposit: a pdc cheque of ₹12,000 must be handed over to the executive at the time of delivery of equipment as per the rental agreement.
4. Rental period must be selected at the initial tele conversation/no refund will be initited for prior closure.
5. Rental amount must paid in advance all the time and any renewal and cancellations must be informed in advance of atleat 48 hours.
6. If any malfunction must be informed to the company and necessary replacement will be made within 48 hours.Handle the equipment with care any physical damage caused from the customer will be consider as negligence hence the pdc cheque will be claimed and amount will be used for repair, if any amount remians shall be refunded.
7. No refund will be initiated in any case for rental equipments.
8. The equipment is the sole property of lyf medicare sales and services pvt ltd.The price paid is only to use the product as per the rental agrrement for the period mention in the agreement .The equipment shall be returned to lyf medicare sales and services pvt ltd after the agreed rental period.
9. Any legal dispute in gurgaon jurisdiction only.


The picture shown on the product page for representation purpose only. The actual product delivered on rent may not look the same but will serve the same purpose as mentioned in the description.
The rental products are used multiple times but in good condition for the usage equipment may replace by company with prior intimation if service interwal falls between the rental period.


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