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Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure (BIPAP)

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Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure is a machine that will help you to breathe. It is a form of non-invasive ventilation that healthcare providers might use if you can breathe on your own but are not able to get enough oxygen or throw carbon dioxide. Unlike invasive mechanical ventilation, which connects to a tube in your throat, BiPAP delivers air through a mask on your face.

“Positive Airway Pressure” means that the device pushes the air at very high pressure into your airway, which includes your nose, windpipe (trachea) and mouth. The higher pressure keeps your airway open and can help move air in and out of your lungs.

“Bilevel” means that it will give you the airflow at two different pressures:- Higher pressure used when inhaling and lower while exhaling. These two different pressure levels are known as Inhalation Positive Airway Pressure (IPAP) and Exhalation Positive Airway Pressure (EPAP). The machine settings and pressure levels can be adjusted based on your breathing patterns and Gas exchange.

Features of BIPAP

• Bilevel Pressure Settings:- The key feature of BiPAP machines is the ability to deliver two distinct pressure levels during the breathing cycle. The Inspiratory Positive Airway Pressure (IPAP) is higher and supports inhalation, while the Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure (EPAP) is lower to facilitate the exhalation. This dual-pressure mechanism will help people who may struggle with exhalation against a continuous positive pressure, which is seen in CPAP therapy.

• Pressure Support:- Is the difference between the EPAP and IPAP settings. It represents the additional pressure provided during the inhalation to assist the user’s breathing effort. Pressure support will help in reducing the breathing work and is a critical feature for individuals with respiratory muscle weakness or any other medical condition that require additional support.

• Bi-Flex or Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR):- BiPAP machines often include features such as EPR or Bi-Flex, which results in slight reduction in the pressure during exhalations at an early stage. This feature will enhance your comfort and mimic a more natural breathing pattern. EPR or Bi-Flex is particularly beneficial for individuals who will find continuous positive pressure difficult during the exhalation process.

• Ramp Function:- The ramp function is a gradual increase in pressure over a set period when the BiPAP therapy begins. This feature also allows an individual to start with lower pressure levels, making it easier for you to sleep faster. Ramp function is specifically useful for those who may find the initial pressure more difficult.

• Compliance Monitoring and Data Recording:- Numerous BiPAP machines come with some data recording capabilities, allowing your healthcare professionals to monitor the user’s adherence to therapy, mask fit, and the efficiency of treatment. This data helps your healthcare providers to make informed adjustments to ensure that the therapy is meeting every individual’s needs.

Specifications of BIPAP Machine

Modes : Operating pressure range- CPAP, S, T, ST with optional iBR, PAC, iVAPS with iBR and optional AutoEPAP 2–25 cm H2O (2–25 hPa) in S, T, ST, PAC and iVAPS modes 4–20 cm H2O (4–20 hPa) in CPAP mode

Sound pressure level : 26.6 dBA with uncertainty of 2 dBA as measured according to ISO 17510-1:2009 (CPAP mode)

Dimensions : (H x W x D) 116 mm x 205 mm x 150 mm (Device only) 116 mm x 255 mm x 150 mm (Device with HumidAir humidifier)

Weight : 1106 g (Device only) 1268 g (Device with HumidAir humidifier)

90W power supply unit Input range : 100–240V, 50–60Hz, 57VA (typical power consumption) 108VA (peak power consumption)

Storage and transport : temperature/humidity -20°C to +60°C/5–95% relative humidity, non-condensing

Housing construction : Flame retardant engineering thermoplastic

Supplemental oxygen : Recommended maximum flow: 15 L/min (CPAP, S, T, ST, PAC); 4 L/min (iVAPS)

Electromagnetic compatibility : Requirements (EMC) according to IEC 60601-1-2: 2007 for residential, commercial, and light industry environments

There are basically eight types of BiPAP:-

  • • Fixed Pressure BiPAP:- This type of BiPAP machine helps to deliver a constant, pre-set expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP) or inspiratory positive airway pressure (IPAP). It is suitable for individuals that may require consistent pressure levels throughout their therapy.
  • • Auto- Adjusting BiPAP:- Auto BiPAP machines have the ability to automatically adjust the pressure levels that are based on the user’s breathing needs and patterns. These machines will continuously monitor the patient’s respiratory status and adjust the pressure support within a prescribed range. Auto-adjusting BiPAP is helpful for individuals with varying respiratory requirements while you sleep or those who experience changes in their condition for a prolonged period.
  • • BiPAP with EPR or Bi-Flex:- BiPAP machines with EPR or Bi-Flex will provide a slight reduction in pressure during the early exhalation stages. This feature enhances your comfort by mimicking a more natural breathing pattern. It is mainly beneficial for individuals who may find continuous positive pressure difficult during the exhalation process.
  • • Travel BiPAP:- These machines are designed to be compact, portable and lightweight. They are suitable for individuals who need respiratory support while travelling or for those who want a more convinient device to use at home. Travel BiPAP machines may often come with features such as universal power compatibility and carry cases for easy transportation.
  • • Adaptive Servo-Ventilation (ASV):- ASV is a special kind of BiPAP therapy that is basically designed for the treatment of complex sleep apnea and central sleep apnea syndrome. ASV devices adjust both expiratory and inspiratory pressures dynamically to maintain regular breathing patterns and provide support when needed.
  • • Pediatric BiPAP:- These machines are designed specifically for pediatric patients. They are equipped with features to ensure comfort and safety for children, including smaller mask options, quiet operations and colorful design to promote adherence to therapy.
  • • Home Ventilation BiPAP:- Some BiPAP machines are designed only for people suffering from chronic respiratory failure that require long-term home ventilation. These devices are equipped with advanced features for comprehensive respiratory support.
  • • Hospital- Grade BiPAP:- These machines are designed for clinical settings such as clinics, hospitals, or rehabilitation centres. They may have additional features for critical care patients, such as advanced medical monitoring capabilities and integration with other medical equipment.


1. Rental Amount: It is shown in the product page.
2. Delivery and Pickup Charge: Extra amount will be charged only once while delivering the equipment. Which will be conveyed to the client prior delivery.
3. Security Deposit: A post dated cheque of ₹20,000/- must be handed to the executives at the time of delivery of equipment as per the rental agreement.
4. Rental Period:- The period must be selected at the initial conversation and no refund will be initiated prior to closure.
5. Rental Amount: The amount must be paid in advance and any renewal and cancellations must be informed in advance of at least 48 hours.
6. If any malfunction must be informed to the company and necessary replacement will be made within 48 hours. Handling the equipment with care because any physical damage caused from the customer will be considered negligence hence the post dated cheque will be claimed and the amount will be used for repair and the remaining amount will be refunded to the customer.
7. No refund will be initiated in any case.
8. The equipment is the sole property of lyf medicare sales and services pvt ltd. The price paid is only to use the product as per the rental agreement for the period. The equipment shall be returned to lyf medicare sales and services pvt ltd after the rental period.
9. Any legal dispute in gurgaon jurisdiction only.
10. Above given information is for educational purposes only. It is important to consult a doctor prior to selecting your device.


The picture shown on the product page is for representation purposes only. The actual product delivered on rent may not look the same but will serve the same purpose as mentioned.
The product delivered on rent is not a new product so it must be used multiple times but in good condition for the usage. Equipment may be replaced by the company with prior intimation if service interval falls between the rental peri

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