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Recliner Hospital Bed

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A recliner hospital bed is a specialized medical bed specially designed for patients who are in healthcare settings, such as, home care or hospitals, who may require different positions for comfort, medical treatment or their recovery. Unlike traditional hospital beds, they are equipped with mechanisms that will allow them to be adjusted into various positions, including a semi-reclined or full reclined posture.

Features Of Recliner Hospital Bed

• Adjustable Positions: Recliner beds can be manually or electronically adjusted to various angles, allowing the patients to find a comfortable position and suit their medical needs.

• Mobility Options:- There are some models that come with the casters and wheels, allowing for easier mobility within a room. Locking mechanisms are mainly included to keep the bed in place.

• Ergonomic Design:- Recliner hospital beds are designed with the patient’s health and comfort in mind. They often feature ergonomic mattress support structure and designs to reduce the pressure points to enhance the patient’s well-being.

• Patient Controls:- Caregivers or patients can often control the bed’s positioning using user-friendly control panels, allowing easy adjustments without the need of constant assistance.

• Safety Features:- Recliner beds may incorporate safety features like bed exit alarms, side rails and emergency controls for the adjustment of bed positions.

Recliner hospital beds are basically designed to meet all the needs of individuals in different healthcare situations, providing flexibility in the patient’s position, comfort, recovery and further care. They can be beneficial for a wide range of patients, including:-

1. Post- surgery Patients:- Individuals recovering from surgery, especially those who may need to keep specific body parts in a specific position.

2. Mobility Issues:- Patients with limited mobility or difficulty getting in and out of the bed can benefit from the adjustable positions, making it easier for caregivers to assist and for patients to find a comfortable position to take a nap or simply relax.

3. Respiratory Conditions:- Individuals with respiratory conditions, like pneumonia, may find relief by adjusting the bed to a semi-reclined position, which can help to improve breathing and reduce the strain on your respiratory system.

4. Elderly Patients:- Patients that are old and have different health conditions may find more comfort and support in a recliner hospital bed as compared to a traditional bed, especially if they spend most of their time in bed.

5. Other Medical Treatments:- Individuals who are undergoing specific medical conditions may require specific bed positions, such as dialysis or other specific diagnostic procedures, may benefit from the versatility of a recliner hospital bed.

Terms And Conditions For Renting Medical Equipments :-

1. Rental amount: as shown in the product page.
2. Delivery and pickup charge: extra amount charged once while delivering the equipment.Will be informed to the client prior delivery.
3. Security deposit: a pdc cheque of ₹5000 must be handed over to the executive at the time of delivery of equipment as per the rental agreement.
4. Rental period must be selected at the initial tele conversation/no refund will be initited for prior closure.
5. Rental amount must paid in advance all the time and any renewal and cancellations must be informed in advance of atleat 48 hours.
6. If any malfunction must be informed to the company and necessary replacement will be made within 48 hours.Handle the equipment with care any physical damage caused from the customer will be consider as negligence hence the pdc cheque will be claimed and amount will be used for repair, if any amount remians shall be refunded.
7. No refund will be initiated in any case for rental equipments.
8. The equipment is the sole property of lyf medicare sales and services pvt ltd.The price paid is only to use the product as per the rental agrrement for the period mention in the agreement .The equipment shall be returned to lyf medicare sales and services pvt ltd after the agreed rental period.
9. Any legal dispute in gurgaon jurisdiction only.


The picture shown on the product page for representation purpose only. The actual product delivered on rent may not look the same but will serve the same purpose as mentioned in the description.
The rental products are used multiple times but in good condition for the usage equipment may replac


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